Learn about our different types of billboards!

Large eye-catching advertising spots are found across cities on the side of the road and even the side of buildings. Billboards are just about anywhere.

The beauty of billboards? Their sheer size. A 10’ X 20’ canvas, for example, gives you the artistic freedom to get creative and grab the attention of the audience passing by. Perhaps you’re not the creative type. Worry not. We do that too. Check out our design services here, and let us help you bring your ideas to life.

Give your business the visibility it deserves. When it comes to advertising, and more importantly, your advertising dollars, billboards are an essential way to get the most out of any ad campaign or a powerful boost in branding.

Think of it this way – It’s an advertisement that’s impossible to avoid. You can turn off a radio, flip the magazine page, or even close that annoying online promotion, but with the right billboard location, everyone passing by will see your sign. Your audience is guaranteed rain or shine!

Highway Billboards are a powerful advertising tool. Unlike TV, radio, or newspaper, your ad is showing 24/7. You’ll be able to reach a big audience in high traffic areas and become a part of their commute. People naturally look to their surroundings when cruising on the highway. Give them a message that will make a lasting impact.

Billboards are the only form of advertising where you have complete control over the ad space. Magazines choose what page your ad will be featured on, while television controls the timing of your commercial, and social media relies on users logging in to their accounts and scrolling through type and video content. Billboards allow for constant exposure and complete control. You’re entirely in charge of where you place your ad and how long it stays up.

It’s essential to consider that with Highway Billboards, you’re targeting the audience when they’re in their alpha state. What is the alpha state? The alpha state is a state of mind that makes people relaxed yet focused and receptive. In this state of consciousness, a person is calm, absorbs new information, and becomes more resourceful and open to new possibilities. So, when are highway commuters in the alpha state? Targeting them in their daily commute, on your local highways, now that’s golden.

Without a doubt, digital billboards which change colours and display movements boost the impact of billboard advertising. When driving down the road, let’s face it, bright and colourful lights catch our attention quickly. The continually changing text and eye-catching designs ensure maximum impact and broad exposure to your target audiences. That too, for free.

Digital billboards come equipped with high-resolution fitted light sensors, making the lights diminish during the day and brighten up around the evening time, guaranteeing the audience’s attention 24/7.

Digital billboards enable one to showcase multiple ad messages. When given the opportunity, marketers want to share every positive information about their business. So, if you’re going to market more than two deals or messages, for example, invest in digital billboards. You will be able to create multiple digital ads and display them during your purchased time slot(s). 

With digital billboards, you do not pay to install hundreds of full-colour posters around the city or country. Once you have your digitally created advertisement, you can send as many copies as you want, just about any and everywhere you want. Perhaps you’re not the creative type. Worry not. We do that too. Check out our design services here, and let us help you bring your ideas to life!

We’ve all been there. You’re in the car, travelling hundreds of kilometres from one city to the next, reciting all the billboards along the way. Those large, unmissable signs are what we call Highway Signage. Highway signage is the ultimate call to action.

In some provinces, like New Brunswick, there are regulations regarding the type of advertiser that can advertise along the highway. Highway Signage advertisers within areas like New Brunswick must be tourist-related. Therefore, if you are in the business of minor engine repair or pool cleaning, you cannot advertise along specific stretches of highway. But if you run a bed & breakfast or a restaurant, you may be in luck. Keep in mind that businesses in provinces like New Brunswick interested in advertising along the highway need to apply and be approved. The application process can take up to 8 weeks.

So you decide Highway Signage is the way to go, now let’s talk design. When it comes to Highway Signage, the rule of thumb is to have a simple and efficient message that includes a maximum of two images, ten words or less, geographic direction (which exit), and actual distance (how many kilometres) to said exit.