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What is BillboardHub?
BillboardHub is an online marketplace that ultimately gives you complete control of your Out-of-home advertising. We work to make billboard advertising easy, and we strive to become "The Destination" for your billboard needs!
What is the difference between InstaBook and Building a Campaign?
Campaigns allow you to purchase ad space and make milestone payments whereas InstaBook is paid in a single invoice.
When I purchase through InstaBook, is my spot confirmed?
No, BillboardHub will still need to confirm the booking with the board owner
What are the shortest campaigns I can run?
4 weeks*
What are the rules and regulations on Highway Signage in New Brunswick?
The Department of Transportation regulates highway signage in the province of New Brunswick with a set of rules and regulations.
I don't have an ad design, can I still use InstaBook?
Yes, you can purchase design services at the checkout.
Why do you charge per 4-weeks and not per month?
It is the standard practice in the industry.
What are milestone payments?
Milestones are periodic invoices.
How is your CPM calculated?
The number of daily impressions is multiplied by 28, the total number of days in a 4-week campaign. Then, divide your total impressions by the 4-week rate. Finally, multiply the value by 1000.
How are your daily impressions calculated?
The daily impressions are calculated with the use of traffic data.
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