How are your daily impressions calculated?

The daily impressions are calculated with the use of traffic data. The province, and each municipality, have programs that calculate how many commuters are travelling at specific geographic points. This number is then multiplied by 1.5 (According to COMMB, The Canadian Out Of Home Marketing & Measurement Bureau) to account for the average number of passengers in a car.


For example, the Government of New Brunswick states that 23,900 vehicles go by the Elmwood Drive exit in Moncton on the TransCanada Highway on average daily. With the COMMB 1.5 load factor, we have an average daily impression of 35,850. 


The traffic data is provided by:

  • Government of New Brunswick
  • City of Miramichi
  • City of Fredericton
  • City of Saint John
  • City of Moncton


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